Friday, May 4, 2012

My take @ Chauvinism

A human brain , or rather a male brain to be precise , is a mapped region. Most often the brain maps a happening/duty/task to a preset notion/idea/thought.
Not to be blamed. Not to be appreciated. It has been that way down the years. Chauvinism is one such predefined domain we have witnessed so far. And pathetically the fairer sex sucks on it more than her male counterpart.

Is cooking a job meant only for us?
Am I married to do these chores at home?
Am I a freelance maid at my home ?
Why shouldn't men do those that we do?

        Many a times we see women seething at the men or at times within themselves. Society has changed so much that it is now ready to thrust duties on both the genders , trying to shun the profusely called  - male chauvinism. Women have become more and more self-reliant that they are not ready to endure male being the lead and there we go , plunging into every domain.

Ironically women have started expecting the darker sex to get into the kitchen and wash area that they have been tirelessly doing for ages. To be noted - that was/is never ever called female chauvinistic domain by men. Because a man's brain doesn't /will not accept a chauvinistic idea running in his pretty home. He rather pushes it aside to the women who have indeed been a weaker sex in this case to claim their charge .Men are safe siders who do not love handling that which he has not dealt ; yet claim themselves to be the stronger sex !

      An unsaid rule is written in the family books of all which marginalizes the errands supposed to be done by men /women. Great that both men and women are breaking up this safe zone on an attempt to bring about a societal and an apprehensive change.

Life 'd have been way easier if men and women found themselves comfortable in their own tasks. Society on a positive change has made us all think ! Unfortunately it is the women who have pondered a lot to rustle into action . Men on the other take, though they have begun to comprehend the need for the shift , they are hanging back or else why 'd the term male chauvinism exist?!

So , when are the men going to roll up the sleeves to get into action?
Society shall answer !

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Change

Man, there is always a writer's block in me which strikes me so often that I could hardly bring down those blurring thoughts at the back end of my brain ! Sometimes the block is so long that I gotta pathetically recover my wordpress/blogspot passwords clicking on "Forgot your pwd" !

Days were there when I could unbelievably gather my random linked list of thoughts to form a passage of boring posts , just in a jiffy. Sometimes indulging in a spree , that makes me a super-speed typist. And now the change , where I run out of words and topics to share publicly. !

My college days are officially over , which I cannot actually digest, because it turns me pandemonic that I am on the brim of a life where all I did was living the self-life , self centered at my outlook and co-existing and not co-living with the rest ! And now the change , where the world I presume is new and no longer the comfort zone gonna hold my hands and perhaps I gotta share and co-live with somebody down the years ! :P

There has always been a transition at every period of time. Primary to Middle school to high to higher secondary and finally the college ! Perhaps , the line of transit was so blur to visualize and to creep into mind till the school days. And now the change , becoming intrusive with too much of knowledge of the world outside , the enigma of next phase is not joyfully welcomed.

As I rewind through past 4 years, whether I have learnt much on engineering or not , I have learnt to adapt. Back then , I remember hostel life was a nightmare to me , not because I gonna leave my parents and stay away , but because the chores I needed to do- washing,cleaning and taking care of oneself. :P Thankfully I entered college from home ! Situations changed and I had to adapt being at a girl's hostel. When I had finally settled as a hostel scholar , I was again forced to become a day scholar. I was not given the opportunity to comfortably say I was fine anywhere , for the change was speedy . It was always on the go. And as I write this post , a month later I do not know where I will be put up. :D

Change is undeniably constant in my case.

Most of the times , adaptation is not the key word , rather acceptance ; because there 's no choice to choose and no way to say NO.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In reference to TAG-athon , I am coming up with this post after a couple of months. Thanks to Archana , for kindling me to dust my blog ! :)
Being a lazy writer , let me tell you what TAG-athon is , through TAG-athon . 

Now , getting to the point. 

11 Things about me !

1. I get so many thoughts like a "Tag Cloud" when I think about me. Yes. that's the first point. Anything that interests me , is sure to make my thought vision a "tag cloud" :D Anything that bores me , it completely switches my mind off. 

2. I am a social person with many acquaintances and a few friends.

3. I am neither a perfectionist nor a procrastinator. I look for perfection in things I love doing but not otherwise.

4. I am a computer science grad :D Lame I know . But that's how the society identifies me next to my name. It takes a higher precedence than calling myself blogger , writer etc , when am asked to introduce myself ! #fact

5. I believe in God . However I am a deist.

6. Philosophy and Psychology turns me on. I am all ears to them.

7. I love an Indian touch in any means - Food , music , slang , rituals , movies , culture and outfit. 

8. It so very happens that , I love things which many don't and vice-versa. I wonder why !

9. I am unbelievably superstitious. 

10. I take pride in saying , I am a Scorpion. :D #Wierd 

11. Topping it all , I am a normal and practical person with average interests and likes , with a tuned mind to deal with life happily ever after. :)

What does Archana want to know?

1. The one thing that cheers you up no matter how bad the situation is?? 

A happy and joyful surrounding. Happiness is infectious. :)

2)Do you believe in a miracle? If yes, has it ever happened to you? When and how? :) 

Yes I do. I survived an accident during my 2nd class ! :) It is always a vivid scene in memory. 

3)That one fantasy of yours that you know will never happen.

Flying ! :D I get flying dreams often. It is a wonderful feel . I wish I could in reality. :D  

4)If given a chance to go back in time,what is that one moment you would want to relive?

I seriously cannot think of one to relive. !

5)Things done cannot be undone.! If at all given one opportunity, what is that one thing you wish you can undo?

i wish I could CTRL+Z my school days and experiment with them again. :)

6)Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, then why? 

I do not. But it takes two to tango. Hence can be considered if its mutual. But success rate is too low :P

7)Name one movie that you never get bored off no matter how many time you watch that.

I wish you suggest a movie like that. I hardly watch. If at all I do , I need to gather patience. 

Now it is my turn :

1. Your views on God , spirituality , ghosts and athma .
2. What makes your life meaningful?
3. The best ways to tackle anger and detest.
4. How do you visualize yourself in another 10years.
5. What remains as your far-fetched dream till date?
6. Something that makes you proud or stays as your identity.
7. How do you connect with me? 

Now it is you , 


Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 : A Thumbprinted Year

A year end note.
A fresh page and a fresh smell.
Yes, Almost 2.5 months since I blogged. This time, I blame the hectic-ness. My puffed up brain couldn't actually think about anything but the power-packed things-to-be-done list. Void for a time-being and getting back to my most favorite hobby is damn rejuvenating.

This year I got lot more to say on my year-end note than 2k10. The first quarter of this year could be termed "vetti" . I did nothing. I gotta get back to my blog notes back then to recollect what I was doing. Just like the other two years of college , the beginning days of this year were successfully wasted, sleeping in class , boring lectures , labs with nothing worth mentioning.

But later then, by may , slowly the feeling of "What next?" started. With just a year to go , what was it that I had done to establish myself after four awesome years of college. The answer was a blank No. Already with the CAT classes running and with a higher studies plan, the road was laid. The next step was to put them into action. Only then I learnt "things we are determined to do whatsoever, has a great impact on whom and how we become". Running every weekend for the mock tests and catching up with the UTs and internals, was a herculean task , especially for a non-workaholic like me ! Playing mobile games and texting under the desk during lecture hours , turned into reading under the desk. Those happy chats in lawns and stores did not happen, as not only was I busy but my peer group as well. Those days cannot be forgotten for I have never slogged so much since my college days began. For that matter , that period would have been very demanding for all with their GREs and CATs around the corner.

However , I must admit that I did have fun between the tough times . Yes , Paradigm and its following tour. Hardly attending lectures , escaping from the class before the next lecture began, chatting and browsing in the name of working for Paradigm , begging for on-duties, stacked lab stuffs and records, the worst-ever internals, lack of attendance and the fear of arrear for the first time .This was the time when I was truly ,typically changed into a college student. Well yes , till then I had probably been super sincere !

The following tour , I went solely for the sake that it was going to be the "Last tour" with fellow-mates after a tiresome month. The hyped "final year" tour can be termed as "mokkai" when compared to the previous college trips , but it was a trip with friends and I didn't miss it .That mattered more.

Back after tour, the same routine as in para 3 continued with an additional spooky season called "Placements" . I was in a pressure cooker situation literally. Dusting DBMS , data structures , Object oriented concepts etc , time had come to show lessons in college were not simply taught but to groom me into an "engineer" (Really?) . Hopeless rounds of interviews and selection processes left me even more determined to get into management side estranging the technical line. But yes 'Lister' happened and concluded the season. Relieved was my reaction. Nothing more , nothing less.

The next gruesome period of semester exams was about to start. All my holidays had gone with the CAT books and my sem-internals were lying low and singing small for my externals.  Risking my semester exams and scheduling the CAT late should seriously be called "foolishness". But I had no better options when the Placement season started. Mentally and physically tired , with a compelling exam time-table , November ground me to nothing but a study-holic.  No newspaper , no books , not turning my gaze off the boring books, I had to be overly sincere. Hated it ! Damn.

Finally CAT , semester exams , placements came to the most awaited "Completed" status. Though not pretty sure about the results, the most pressing days ended. That came as a relief with a family visit to Shirdi, the next most awaited trip. A divine place and the need of the hour then. Holidays started and it went cool by  reading lots, browsing, chatting, tweeting , fb-ing, thereby catching up for my cocoon days. :)

A worth mentioning fact of 2011 : It was a year of hardship, fun, testing times , living college life to the fullest and a lot more . It 'd have definitely made not just me but everyone, mentally hooked up into the next year plans. But as my 2k10 year end note said , this year did bring goodies disguised in so many things learnt for lifetime. !

The eighth and the last semester is beginning tomorrow. It is going to be lot more fun with the thought running in mind, "the final days of college" and am not going to miss the fun. Or is it going to make everyone feel responsible and matured? What will I be doing and where will I be put up? Where and how am I going to be in touch with all my best buddies? How is after college life going to treat us all? There are umpteen questions swirling in enthusiasm.
But they gotta wait to be addressed in the next year end note. :)

Bye Bye 2k11 ! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The unsung times

If I could walk down my way
Through the good ol' days,
I'd make up for my unsung times ,
With my jingle chimes.

Memories are long and strong,
To chirp in my ears that I got them wrong.
Indeed ,life can turn on a dime .
Now I 'm fumbling with the unsung time 
With this jingle chime.

There may be reasons to weep ,
But the days ought to reap ,
Reap the joy before they turn the dime
So here I go ,
                 singing for my unsung time !

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Superstition Redefined.

The power of belief is extra-ordinary .There are seemingly insurmountable things in this world that have been achieved with mere confidence and the belief of succeeding. Though there are surplus reasons to put-forth and prove superstitions are insane, I can see and cite umpteen reasons for why superstitions are perfectly sane. Hardly, a few of us know the impact of the unknown facts that we are actually doing yet remain unaware of it. We unanimously assosciate our failures with the lack of luck and mock at others who believe in stars and zodiacs. So there we delve into one of the prime superstition, Luck . We don't convince ourselves that luck is  merely a superfluous belief and success has something more to it. We fall prey to every kind of superstition ranging from Luck to everyday stars column if we wish for something earnestly. Some people possess a lucky pen for exams, lucky charm for goodwill and the list goes. There are scientific reasons behind some of the religious beliefs which we never try to latch on to. 

There is a saying “What you believe in hard, is what you in turn become”. This disproves the law of insanity in superstitions. It is a hard core personal intuition and when we stick on to them and find things turning leaves for us, why do we have to call it insane? If we call luck , meaningless, then so is the belief in GOD. If we call the religious rituals, a blind faith, then so is the faith on GOD himself. Then we all would be atheists now ! But we are not. There is no exact and profound knowledge on who is GOD , why do we have faith on Him and where it all started. Yet the trust exists and will exist forever. The belief we lay on the Lord, is nothing more than a self- belief. We have faith in a supreme force that gets transmitted to us in the form of self-confidence. 

I had a friend of mine, who strongly believed that, if she could manage to solve a high rated sudoku before commencing a task, then she is assured with a success in the task. At first, her predilection seemed totally mundane to me; but giving a second thought on her strong credence ,we can realize the positiveness  she gains when she solves the sudoku and takes the next step with optimism. She is no more skeptical about her possibility of her victory. Isn't that we always want? 

Our mind is flooded with possibilities ,ifs and buts. We can hardly make out our way through the obscure mind under pressures. I consider superstitions , a strategy to lay roads through the baffled minds. Belief is way beyond a layman's understanding. We cannot fathom the power and the personal beliefs of an individual. Its better not to coin something “superstitious” when they act as pushing force for somebody else.

So Rethink , Is superstition insane?